Tuesday, January 25, 2011

jYJ’s reality TV show, ‘JYJ’s Real 24′, to air in February

 The boys of JYJ are known to be quite private about their personal life, so it comes as a shock to hear that they’ve agreed to star in a new reality show called, “JYJ’s Real 24“.

Cable channel QTV revealed, “The reality program ‘JYJ’s Real 24′ is scheduled to air sometime in mid-February. Members Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong, and Kim Junsu will show their every move.” 

‘JYJ’s Real 24′ will follow the boys as they participate in CF filmings, musicals, and all sorts of other activities. In addition, their secret house will also be shown.

Producer Lee Moon Hyuk from QTV expressed, ‘Lately, JYJ’s mysterious private life has gotten the interest of fans, which has amplified the attention for this program. Even though it was a little awkward for JYJ at first, they quickly adapted to the cameras and had fun during filming.‘
Source: allkpop

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